The Atkinson Bedlift is a self-powered mechanical device that enables professional housekeepers to single-handedly raise any size bed. It provides for a more comfortable height for changing sheets, and easier access for cleaning under and 360° around beds. When finished the bed is easily and safely lowered back to the floor. 


It is simple, ergonomic, inexpensive, and easy to install. There are no motors or pumps. It is maintenance free and user friendly. It’s sleek, hidden low profile design is virtually invisible and undetectable by hotel guests. It will reduce injuries and provide a high return on investment for years to come. 

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The BedLift  is UL listed for safety, holds 2 U.S. Patents and is a recent winner of the Design Impact Award by the American Society of Interior Designers at the Hospitality Design Expo.

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"One of the benefits of using the BedLift is improved ergonomic posture while making beds, reducing housekeeper stresses, strains, and injuries."

                        Dr. David Renner